Welcome to JC Virtual Assistance! The office that specializes in helping business owners, executives and entrepreneurs do more.

Have you thought about the following?

Is your business too small for office staff - but too busy to do without?

Does your to-do list continue to grow?

Are you spending too much time with paperwork and administrative tasks when you need more time to develop and improve your business?

Are your daily tasks piling up because you don’t know how to organize the information coming at you from clients?

What could a Virtual Assistant do for you and/or your company?

           ·          Increase Profitability

           ·          Increase Efficiency

           ·          Increase Satisfaction

           ·          Increase Quality

           ·          Reduce Stress

What is a Virtual Assistant (aka VA’s)?

One of the newest and fastest-growing office support professionals - a Virtual Assistant is a professional assistant working in a partnership with a small business, a micro-business, and/or an individual to provide support – without being physically present. 

Why do you need one? And what are the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants offer administrative support to business owners, executives and entrepreneurs on a flexible basis from a home-based office.  Their services can be used as a company's only administrative resource, or on an overflow basis eliminating the burden of paying a second full-time assistant. They  provide several advantages by eliminating payroll taxes, training (if applicable), insurance and benefits, equipment, space and time, while providing high quality professional support.

Some of the benefits of hiring JC Virtual Assistance:

  • Increased time for client care
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Profitability

Most of all PEACE of MIND!