For clients who have a specific project in mind or who prefer to pay-as-you-go the following will apply:

  • $25/hour for basic executive assistance
  • $35/hour for legal assistance

Minimum of one hour charged, thereafter billed in 10 minute increments.


Personal and business cheques, money orders and cashier cheques are all accepted forms of payment.

Hourly rate tasks are required to submit a $100 deposit prior to the commencement of the work, with the balance due and delivered upon completion. A 50% deposit or a minimum of $100 is required on all per project tasks prior to commencement of work. Payment for remaining 50% is due in full prior to delivery of the finished product.

Invoices for project clients are sent out every other week and monthly for retainer clients. Pay-as-you-go hourly clients are billed at the end of each week. Payment is due upon receipt. All NSF cheques are subject to a $35 service charge.

Invoices remaining outstanding after 30 days from the date of invoice are subject to a 2% interest charge per month.


All information shared is not provided to outside parties unless required to do so by law. All information about you and/or your business is kept confidential.